The importance of Grooming

Fantastic Dog Groomer
"Julie has been grooming my westie, Wesley, for nine years and my other dog,  Elly, for 4 years and my newest dog, Willow, for a year. She is fantastic, wouldn't have anyone else look after my dogs"
Kerry Winders, Blidworth

"Legend ......... used for a good few years now. Highly recommend"

Mark Rigby, Bulwell

All dogs should be introduced to the grooming process at as early an age as possible, as soon as they have been immunised and are allowed out they should visit a professional groomer for their first puppy groom! 

This is part of essential early socialisation and ensures they accept grooming as part of a regular routine and that they are happy and content with the process.

In general a clean pet is a happy pet!  No hair in the eyes, clean fur and skin, clipped nails and clean teeth all make for a pet that is comfortable and well behaved.

Dogs who aren't groomed regularly can experience some serious side effects such as:

Matted and dirty coats
Underlying skin conditions
Hair growing in and around the eyes - this will clog with bacteria and can cause infections.
Excess ear hair, clogs with wax and dirt, a breeding ground for bacteria and a cause    of ear infections
Parasites thrive and often go undetected on un-groomed pets
Overgrown nails can be very painful & damage the foot profile
Dental disease, which can affect the liver and other organs

Please contact us to discuss your dog’s specific age, breed and styling requirements. 

What is included

We will undertake an initial (free) consultation and a pre-groom health examination.  We will trim nails, ears cleaned (ear hair removal can be discussed at time of consultation), eyes cleaned, coat and skin deep cleansed and conditioned, all dirt and debris removed from coat, coat dried/ left mat and knot free, with the coat finally being styled as discussed with you prior to the groom.


Initial prices are an estimate and will vary depending on your dogs coat condition, styling and behaviour. 

We will provide you with an accurate estimate of the final cost (we will carry out a health examination and give you a more accurate quote when we have undertaken the initial consultation. 

The Tricky bit

De-matting / Problems

Everyday doggy life can be a muddy, messy load of fun. This can have a detrimental effect on your dogs coat and wellbeing.  Matting is something that most dog owners might face from time to time but don't worry.  You no longer need to face it alone! I am here to help. ​

Wherever possible I will use the necessary equipment to ensure your dog looks exactly as you want them, however in cases of severe matting this is not always possible and would cause your dog pain and distress


The welfare of your dog is my main concern and must always take priority over style. It may be necessary to clip the coat shorter than you would want.  I will discuss this with you if this is the case but don’t worry – It is only hair and it will definitely grow back.

​Prevention is always the best method and I can provide advice on the best equipment to use. This will enable you to keep your dogs coat in great condition by regular brushing and maintenance in-between grooms.

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